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Money thrown at DTs should have Haynesworth drooling

Albert Haynesworth must have been salivating after hearing the news of Tommy Kelly’s $50M contract, with 18M guaranteed. When Albert learned that Bill Parcells gave his backup, Randy Starks, a 21M deal with 7M guaranteed, he probably became happier than a pig in slop.
As Drexel pointed out on the former, Kelly is only slightly above average and will be returning from ACL surgery.
So why the big contract for Kelly, a record amount for a defensive tackle? I guess you could understand that to some extent if you chalked it up to Al Davis’ senility.
But what do you attribute Bill Parcells’ actions to? Did he suddenly forget all the football he knows? Did Starks’ agent spike his drink with stupid pills?
In blogging here for three years, I vaguely recall writing something good about Starks once, but I don’t remember what it was. I’m sure it wasn’t anything that indicated he merited such a big windfall.
So if Kelly and Starks are worth that kind of stupid money, where does that leave Big Al? A few months ago, I thought he might get about 20M guaranteed, but that now looks like a low estimate.
The Kelly and Starks deals have just raised the cost of doing business in the NFL at the defensive tackle position and Albert Haynesworth’s value has just appreciated.