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More thoughts on Titans-Chiefs

The biggest surprise Sunday had to be LenDale White running for 80 yards. As he was chugging downfield I kept waiting for one of the Chiefs to catch him. Good thing he didn’t have to run further, I’m not sure if he had any gas left in the tank at the end.
I wasn’t surprised to see Kyle Vanden Bosch try to play. It was disappointing he could only go for four snaps, which means it could take a while for his groin to heal. That’s one of those injuries, like a high ankle sprain, that can linger for weeks or even the rest of the season.
Jason Jones did a pretty decent job in Tony Brown’s place, as did Dave Ball, who replaced KVB. Add in the contributions of Jacob Ford and Kevin Vickerson and you get a lot of depth on the d-line, something the Titans lacked a year ago. Sunday’s game reminded me of how those guys filled in against the Ratbirds and played equally well.
The defense held the Chiefs to only 58 yards rushing, with a stingy 3.4 ypc average. The Chiefs had 49 yards rushing on three plays but just nine yards on their other 14 attempts.
The Chiefs were unable to get the ball into the end zone until the Titans took their starters out.
Maybe it was only the Chiefs, but it was a stellar defensive effort nonetheless.
The o-line paved the way for 332 yards rushing, even though the Chiefs loaded up against the run with eight and sometimes nine players. The line also did a good job protecting Kerry Collins, who wasn’t sacked and was hit only twice.
Tennessee didn’t miss their starting receivers, Justin and Justin. It didn’t matter that Brandon Jones and Lavelle Hawkins were non-factors.
Did any of you have LenDale White on your fantasy team? Good move. How well did that pay off for you?
Tony Gonzalez is a delight to watch, even when he’s making great catches against the Titans (as long as the Titans win.) Gonzalez, the MLB Thomas and the punter Colquitt were the only ones in red jerseys who had a good game.
I have a lot of respect for Chiefs coach Herm Edwards but I don’t understand why he went for a field goal instead of a touchdown when the score was 34-0. The Kansas City fans didn’t understand it either. What kind of message does that send to the team? What was the message to the fans?
In his recap yesterday, Drexel awarded game balls to White, Albert Haynesworth, Keith Bulluck and Rob Bironas. It’s hard to disagree with those picks and I certainly don’t. I believe though, that I’ll make my selections for the offensive line, the defensive line and Bironas.