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MVN mock pick: Kentwan Balmer

Thanks to everybody who chimed in on my prior post looking for your draft wishes. I ended up selecting Kentwan Balmer, DT, North Carolina. You can read my full pick write-up over at the MVN NFL Draft site.
One thing I didn’t address in that post, though, is whether or not this would be something the Titans would do. And, I think it’s a real possibility. Fisher’s the main football personnel guy, and he’s clearly defensive-minded. Drafting Balmer will allow the Titans to improve both the defensive tackle and defensive end positions, by shifting Tony Brown to the end. Assuming Albert ends up in uniform, whether by the franchise tender or a long-term deal, the Titans then should be able to put forth as strong a defense in 2008 as they did in 2007.
I didn’t really consider any other defensive tackles than Balmer-I think he’s clearly the #3 guy, behind Dorsey and Sedrick Ellis, and #24 is a reasonable place to take him. Other positions? There’s no tight end I’d draft at #24. Had the Steelers not taken Mike Jenkins at #23, I probably would have taken him-I doubt he’ll fall that far in the actual draft. As I noted in my post, Kenny Phillips may be a possibility, especially if Chris Hope’s recovery isn’t going quite as well as the team has said it is. I did read Drexel’s post on drafting quality over quantity at WR, and agree, but to me that means 1 WR in the second round, and no more bodies at the position.  There’s no way the Titans draft a lineman in the first round, and anybody who thinks they might draft a linebacker is wrong.  I hate LenDale White and think he’s terrible, but Jeff Fisher disagrees with me strongly, so there’s no point drafting an RB in the first round when White’s going to get the work.