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Nick Harper agrees to terms with Titans

One of the Titans’ biggest needs has now been filled. Six-year veteran cornerback Nick Harper, formerly of the Indianapolis Colts, has agreed to terms with Tennessee.
There’s been a lot of questions about both corner spots, due to Reynaldo Hill’s on-field problems and Pacman Jones’ off-the-field problems. Pacman and Harper would be a combo that would upgrade the defense. Reynaldo and Harper would be a combo which would at least give the Titans two veterans to put on the field.
In either case, Harper’s addition meets a need and helps the defense.
While I like the Harper news, two things stand out at first thought. Harper played a lot of Tampa-2 in Tony Dungy’s defense and I don’t know how he’d fare in the man coverage Jim Schwartz has been slowly moving towards.
Also, Tennessee is the only team Harper visited, according to news reports. I have to wonder why other teams weren’t more interested in him and offered some of that crazy money that’s being spread around throughout the league.
I’ve heard that Harper is a friend of David Thornton from their days together in Indianapolis. I’m guessing Thornton may have given Harper a sales pitch.
Here are Harper’s stats and bio from Colts.com.