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On the Titans using the Run and Shoot offense

In my last post, I mentioned the possibility of Titans OC Chris Palmer using the Run and Shoot offense (Titans Online article here, Palmer video here.)

If the Titans will use the Run and Shoot on occasion, I thought this would be a good time to write a little about it.  We know it’s a one-RB, four-WR offense, but what else is there to it?  Just what exactly is the R&S and how does it work?

For the answers to these questions, I highly recommend the following four-part series by Smart Football‘s Chris Brown.

Part 1 (Intro and philosophy)

Part 2 (The “Seam Read” and the “Go” concept)

Part 3 (The “Choice” concept)

Part 4 (The “Streak”)

This knowledge should come in handy if we see the Run and Shoot this fall.  It makes me feel better about the Titans using their first-round draft pick on Kendall Wright and also makes me feel better about the offense if Kenny Britt doesn‘t fully recuperate from his ACL injury.  This offense has the potential for even mediocre receivers (Lavelle Hawkins, Damian Williams) to get open and make plays.