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Pacman Awaits Verdict

It’s been five days since troubled Titans corner Pacman Jones met with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. At that time, Goodell indicated he would make a decision on punishment for Pacman within the next ten days, so we can anticipate a rendering and announcement of a decision this week.
The big question we’re all awaiting an answer on is the amount of punishment he’ll receive.
At the NFL owners meeting in Phoenix, Goodell told owners and team officials that he would not make a decision until he heard directly from the players, “from their lips to my ears.”
The Bengals’ Chris Perry and Bears’ Tank Johnson will also likely receive disciplinary action.
The most common speculation is that Pacman will be suspended for either half a season or a full one.
I opined earlier that I expected about a four-game suspension. That or any other suspension could, of course, be increased at a later date by Goodell or the Titans, pending the outcome of several cases in progress.
One of Pacman’s lawyers, Manny Arora, requested and received a postponement in a Georgia felony obstruction case in order to determine what the league’s position would be if he plea bargained the case, allowing Pacman to plead guilty to lesser charges. Now that Arora has met with Goodell, we’ll have to see what his strategy will be when the case comes back to court in May.
Pacman has also been recommended for both felony and misdemeanor charges related to a triple-shooting in Nevada. He could also have public intoxication and disorderly conduct charges reopened in Tennessee after agreeing he would stay out of trouble.

“He’s got enough issues with the NFL threatening to take disciplinary action, then you throw this on top of it,” Arora said about the Nevada cases. “Our first concern is what the NFL is going to do, then we’ll deal with an arrest if there is one.”

Although Pacman said he would accept any punishment imposed by Goodell, Arora said he would fight any disciplinary action by the league. It makes you wonder who’s working for who and if the tail isn’t wagging the dog.
After meeting with Goodell, Pacman was contrite and apologetic in an interview with Deion Sanders on the NFL Network and promised to change his ways. We’ve heard that before, but I think Pacman may mean it this time.
I hope Goodell shows some leniency when he announces his verdict. A full season’s suspension just seems too harsh.
A four- or eight-game suspension would be sufficient and still allow Goodell to take on a tough posture, sending a message to all that bad behavior won’t be tolerated by the league.