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Pacman Might Practice

I hadn’t planned on posting anything about Adam “Pacman” Jones for a while.
The recent statement by Jones’ agent that he could be able to practice with the team in training camp drew response both from the league and the Titans. If they found it necessary to comment, I suppose I can too, since it could have an effect on the other players and the team.
If allowed to participate in camp, Pacman will be a distraction to the team. Worse, he’ll take valuable reps away from the guys competing for jobs and those who will play.
I have no reason to believe Jeff Fisher is in favor of it. He should be concerned about the players who will be available this season, not ones that won’t.
Titans owner K.S. “Bud” Adams, Jr. made the following statement:

      “I want to reiterate the club’s position: that this is a commissioner and a league issue. The commissioner made clear in his April 10 letter that the player could not participate in any practice or organized workout during the term of the suspension.
      “We have never been told anything else by the league and our club’s position in that we are in complete support of Commissioner Goodell and his original ruling with respect to the player. Accordingly, we have no reason to believe that he will be involved in any part of our training camp.”

Note that the statement twice referred to Jones as “the player” but not by name. It’s almost as if he’s become a non-person.
But it wouldn’t surprise me if Jones is allowed to return for training camp. If the Titans try to bar Pacman, the union will probably file a grievance on Jones’ behalf. It would be a situation similar in many ways to the Steve McNair situation last summer.
If he does come to training camp, I expect Fisher will have him running a lot and then a lot more.
What’s your opinion? I’ve put a new poll up on the subject.