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Tied to the Whipping Post

Peter King thinks Pacman Jones will never play another snap for the Titans.
Don Banks opines Pacman will be suspended for a year.
The NFL Players Association is all in favor of stricter player conduct policies and is meeting to discuss what measures they’d like to see taken. Roger Goodell, the new NFL commissioner, needs an issue to make a mark for himself and has taken up the cause. He wants this to be his baby.
Fifty NFL players have reportedly been arrested in the last year and it looks like the poster child for player transgressions will be Pacman, if he isn’t already.
He’ll be made an example of and tied to the whipping post, as Gregg Allman would say.

          "I've been tied to the whipping post, ...
Good Lord, I feel like I'm dying."
- The Allman Brothers Band

After being arrested, named, or questioned by police in ten incidents within the past two years, Pacman is already facing a probable league-imposed suspension for his failure to notify the Titans of two arrests in Georgia last year.
One arrest, for possession of marijuana, has since been dismissed. Pacman still faces charges of felony obstruction for allegedly fighting with policemen. His lawyer, from the same high-dollar firm that represented Ray Lewis on murder charges and Jamal Lewis on drug trafficking charges, requested and received a postponement in the case. He cited the need to consult with the NFL to see what the league’s punishment would be if they plea-bargained the case to allow Pacman to plead guilty to a lesser offense.
I don’t believe that the year-long suspension predicted by Banks, or the end of Pacman’s Titans’ career, as predicted by King, will come to pass.
I’m guessing Goodell will impose two one-game suspensions for the failures to report the arrests, which are in violation of the league’s personal conduct policy written into every NFL players’ contract. There’s also the possibility of more time for allegedly being involved in a shooting incident in Las Vegas which left one man paralyzed.
The length of his suspension, if any, may also be partially dependent on what happens in the Georgia court case, which is now scheduled for May 14.
Add all those up and it could be a four-game suspension, or worse.
Four games is the over/under, as I see it now.