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Pacman’s Future in Doubt

After a triple shooting at a Las Vegas strip club, Tennessee Titans officials maintained silence during the week. On Friday they spoke up, and what little they said offered much insight into the possible future of star cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones.
What they had to say was a clear message about Jones, who has been linked to the shootings.
General Manager Mike Reinfeldt said he could see the potential of a roster without Jones.
Coach Jeff Fisher showed his extreme displeasure by repeatedly referring to Jones as “Adam,” a name Jones hates. Fisher almost always called him “Pac” or “Pacman” until Friday.

“There has been wide spread speculation and allegations tying Adam Jones to an incident that took place early this week very early one morning in Las Vegas,” said Fisher. “I can tell you that Adam Jones is cooperating fully with the Las Vegas police department. I can tell you that we have not been in contact with Adam.”

So why were Reinfeldt and Fisher quiet on the subject all week and then speak out Friday? It would seem that this latest incident may have been the straw that broke the camel’s back. Owner Bud Adams may have finally had enough of Jones’ antics.
It is the eighth incident within the last two years in which Jones has been arrested, named, or questioned by the police. He was also on probation stemming from a 2002 felony assault charge in West Virginia. It is believed that probation, once extended, is now over.
Before this latest incident, the Titans needed to acquire a cornerback in either free agency or the draft. Now it looks like they may need to get two of them.