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Pacman’s Lawyers To Speak

Two of Pacman Jones’ lawyers, Manny Arora of Atlanta and Worrick Robinson of Nashville, will be the guests on The Wakeup Zone, 104.5 FM in Nashville, this Wednesday morning at 9:00 CT. You can listen on the station’s website.
These two guys were on the radio about two weeks ago and were pretty open and forthcoming by saying Pacman had made some mistakes, used poor judgment, and put himself into some bad situations. Of course, they didn’t acknowledge any criminal wrongdoing on Pacman’s part. The interview lasted almost an hour, and I expect about the same this time.
In their last appearance, Arora did about 95% of the talking, with Robinson occasionally chiming in. Arora has also been front and center as Pacman’s mouthpiece in most of the statements to the media. Arora previously defended Ravens players Ray Lewis on murder charges and Jamal Lewis on drug trafficking charges.
It appears that the pending Las Vegas charges against Pacman and two of his companions are an attempt to pressure them into revealing the identity of the suspected shooter in the strip club incident, in which a security guard was paralyzed.
Club owner Robert Susnar has claimed the gunman both came to the club and left with Pacman.
Las Vegas police lieutenant George Castro said the police had uncovered no evidence of a link between Pacman and the shooter. He did say, “Was he an inciter? Yes, he was.”
Besides the Las Vegas cases, here’s some more topics they’ll probably talk about this morning:

  • Public intoxication and disorderly conduct charges may be reopened in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.
  • Arora said Pacman was more concerned about NFL discipline than criminal charges at this time. That’s the reason he requested and received a delay in a Georgia felony obstruction case, now rescheduled for May.
    “He’s got enough issues with the NFL threatening to take disciplinary action, then you throw this on top of it,” said Arora. “Our first concern is what the NFL is going to do, then we’ll deal with an arrest if there is one.”
  • NFL commissioner Roger Goodell wants to meet with Pacman in his office, and it sounds more serious than going to the principal’s office when you were in school.
  • The Titans released this statement Tuesday afternoon:
    “The club is deeply disturbed that the alleged conduct of one of its players has resulted in felony charges in one state and accusations of felony conduct in another state. Since the NFL is preparing to introduce a new player conduct policy and since criminal charges and investigations are in progress, comment or speculation would be inappropriate. The club is currently reviewing its options with respect to the player.”
  • Coach Jeff Fisher said earlier this week that the club would likely make a decision by the end of the week on Pacman. He’s now backed off that statement after Goodell has delayed presenting the new personal conduct policy for players.
  • Yesterday Fisher said, “[Pacman] is very disappointed in what’s happened. He thinks he has let the city, fans, teammates and organization down. He is just waiting to see how this unfolds, what happens.”