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Pac’s Lawyers Speak

Two of Pacman Jones’ lawyers were on a radio interview this Wednesday morning, doing damage control. One of them, Manny Arora from Atlanta, did most of the talking.
I looked Arora up and found this bio on his law firm’s website.
Manny is extremely intelligent, as evidenced by his nuclear engineering degree, followed by his law degree. He’s very sharp and quick on his feet to answer questions. He can respond to a question immediately, even though he often doesn’t answer it directly, instead deftly steering it in another direction to avoid a direct answer.
Here are some of his answers to questions, from my notes:
– Arora fears Pacman may be arrested on the Las Vegas charges.
– There is no precedent for police “recommending charges” – if police have evidence, they get a warrant and make an arrest.
– He would not confirm a date for a reported meeting with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.
– He will ask Las Vegas DA to share evidence.
– He noted Pac’s shoulder stitches as favorable evidence, saying Pacman couldn’t have been involved in struggle without further damage to his shoulder.
Another of Pacman’s lawyers, Warrick Robinson of Nashville, had these comments:
– He has had no conversation with the Murfreesboro DA.
– He did speak with Roger May, who represented Pac in that case.
– He claims Pac lived up to his deal of the bargain made in the plea agreement.
More from Arora:
– Would be surprised if NFL players union backed retroactive punishment in new policy.
– He may recommend accepting a deal to avoid lengthy legal process.
– Says Pacman “beat down” by accusations
– Advised Pacman not to comment
– Quote – “Of course, he’s sorry he’s embarrassed his team and himself.”
– Talked about the youtube “I’m not gonna change for nobody” tape – dismissed it as something foolish Pac did as a kid – asked didn’t you do some foolish things when you were a kid too?
– Has given Pac advice and he asks Titans fans to be patient
– In the event of a new player conduct policy by the NFL and NFLPA, he will not allow Pacman to become a sacrificial lamb
– Does not have any indication of possible action by Titans
– On Titans not allowing Pacman to workout with teammates, but must rehab his shoulder afterwards, – said that was an administrative matter out of his league and a matter for Pac’s agent.
– He suspects tape from Las Vegas nightclub is of poor quality and is unclear – similar to TV tapes of convenience store robberies.
– Pacman has started asking former players for advice and is doing community work.
– He noted bowling alley incident – said it was not an incident, Pacman was the victim, but paper said Pacman involved in another incident.
– Said the felony charge in Georgia should not be a felony, claimed Pac was innocent.