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Phins Phocus answers questions from Total Titans


We thank Daniel Eliesen of Phins Phocus for joining us in this week's question and answer exchange with a blogger from the other side.  My answers to his questions are here.  Following are his answers to my questions.
Total Titans:  After eight games, what can you tell us about Ryan Tannehill?  Can he be the franchise quarterback the Dolphins have been looking for since Dan Marino retired?  What are his strengths and weaknesses so far?
Phins Phocus:  I feel as a Dolphins fan it would be going into very dangerous waters even mentioning Tannehill's name in the same sentence as Dan Marino but I will say after 8 games his debut has been a success. Tannehill has looked rock solid early as he has been able to keep up with the game speed of the NFL and have success early in his career. Tannehill always had an advantage over other rookies knowing the Dolphins offense before even stepping into the door which definitely has been part of the reason of his early success. Tannehill has been poised, cool and confident and it's led to a 4-4 record.
A major strength for Ryan has been his ability to read coverages and help get his people in place. Tannehill has also been very solid against the blitz. A weakness has been that he has struggled at times with tipped passes, this happen to him at college as well and it's something he is going to need to work on.
TT:  What have opposing offenses tried to do against the Dolphins defense this year?  What have they been most successful at?  What would you do if you were the Titans offensive coordinator?
PP:  Well, up until last week the Dolphins D has been amazing, they had one of the top run d's in the league and their secondary has been over achieving. Andrew Luck exposed the Phins secondary last week and I expect the Titans to do the same. The Dolphins have slightly struggled with quick running backs which could mean a decent day for Chris Johnson but the Dolphins defensive front is no joke. The Titans would be wise to attack the weak dolphins secondary.
TT:  How have opponents tried to defend the Dophins this year and what has worked best for them?  What would you do if you were the Titans defensive coordinator?
PP:  Early on the Dolphins faced a lot of blitzes which is common against a rookie QB, However like I mentioned early Ryan has been successful against the blitz. My approach would be to make the Dolphins one dimensional and don't let them install their gameplan.
TT:  Most people didn't expect the Dolphins to do much this year.  They were 6-10 last season, have a rookie coach and rookie quarterback, yet they're 4-4 and in playoff contention.  How have they done it?  What's the reason or reasons for the quick success?
PP:  Solid coaching, new culture and better QB play. It's that simple.
TT:  If there's anything I haven't asked you that you'd like to answer, or if there's something else about the Dolphins you'd like for Titans fans to know, here's your chance.  Please also feel free to make a prediction here – who wins and why?
PP:  Dolphins 27 Titans 17 – I think the Dolphins are the better coached team right now, the Dolphins play as a team and can play on both sides of the field, I have yet to see a complete game from the Titans this year.
Thanks again to Daniel for joining us this week and be sure to check out Phins Phocus for more Miami Dolphins content and opinion.