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Postmortem on Titans vs Ravens

Well, I certainly didn’t think the Titans would have a 13-3 record and earn the number one seed in the playoffs, so for them to do what they did this season was beyond my expectations. Having said that, I also have to say that after nearly 24 hours of contemplating a very disappointing loss, with time to reflect upon it, I will be man enough to congratulate the Ratbirds for having the best team – at least for one evening. Hey, we could go through that could’ve, would’ve, should’ve crap, but the scoreboard said the Ratbirds were the best team Saturday night. I believe in giving credit where credit is due. After I post this article, I’m going over to the Ravens Roost website to say the same.

Mistakes? Wow! Turnovers and penalties will hurt you in any game. When you’re in the postseason, they will kill you. And we’re not talking about rookies making mistakes – it was the veterans who screwed up. On offense, Collins had a pick and Alge and LenDale fumbled. Stewart had a crucial holding call. And you just don’t drop the ball on the ground. Period. Especially when you’re close to the goal line.
On defense, KVB and Kearse both had penalties at inopportune times. And what the heck happened on the Ratbird touchdown? It looked to me like the Titans were in a cover-2 and Hope blew the coverage. It looked to me like Harper had Mason in the flat and then passed him on to Hope, who happened not to be there. Anyway, that’s how it looked to me. What did you see? What’s your viewpoint on that play? Either way, it was a busted coverage and either Hope or Harper, two veterans, were guilty of blowing that play.
You don’t jump offside on third down and then let their back gain ten yards on the next play. You send their offense to the sidelines and get off the field to give the ball back to your offense.
Well, if you stumble and bumble and fumble, you lose the game. That simple. Veteran teams aren’t supposed to make those mistakes. Championship teams don’t make those mistakes. The Titans didn’t play like champions last night, even if they were good enough to almost overcome those mistakes and still win.
Guys, I will have something else to post very shortly, something I think you’ll like better.