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Quick recap: Titans 23 – Texans 22

I’ll write a full recap later tonight, but wanted to get something up immediately.

The Titans pulled out a close win against what ended up being a much more reserve-filled Houston Texans squad than anticipated. Matt Hasselbeck found Nate Washington for several long passes in the second half against the Texans’ scrubs in the secondary, including what proved to be the game-winning TD+XP in the fourth quarter. Ahmard Hall’s fumble as the Titans were trying to run the clock out made the game much more interesting; a first down would’ve sealed the game, but the Texans had a chance. Jake Delhomme hit Bryant Johnson for a TD. Eschewing OT, the Texans went for 2, false started from the two yard line, went for it again from the seven, but center Austin’s shotgun snap went well over Delhomme’s head, and the Titans escaped.

To make the playoffs, the Titans now need the following help:
1. Cincinnati Bengals lose to the Baltimore Ravens;
2. Denver Broncos win over the Kansas City Chiefs; and
3. Oakland Raiders beat the San Diego Chargers.
If any of those fails to happen, the Titans’ season is over.  10% chance? 25% chance? Ballpark your estimate somewhere between those. Happy watching!