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Quotes from Pacman

Following are some quotes from Pacman Jones in his interview with Deion Sanders on NFL Network.

  • “I’ve got some things I need to apologize for. I apologize to the NFL for the publicity they’re getting. I apologize to the Tennessee Titans for the negative publicity I’ve brought to the team. I apologize to my teammates for letting them down. I just pray to God that when this is over with, I just can be a normal player. I don’t want to say a normal player, but just be one of the guys and enjoy myself on the football field.
  • “I’ve put myself in some bad situations as far as picking my places to go or picking who to take with me. So I take total responsibility for that. You live and you learn. If it still keeps happening, then you can point the finger and say he still ain’t learned. They can say I’ve been in 10 incidents. The first 10 incidents was my first year and a little bit of my second year. But my last year, I really wasn’t in no incidents the whole season.
  • “I’ve got to stay in the house. I just can’t be out with the boys all the time. I can’t hang with the boys and I can’t have the boys over to the house all the time. It gets to a certain point where I’m either going to choose to turn around or I’m going to be back in the projects. Trust me, I’ve hit the wall and I realize what’s going on.
  • “Whatever the punishment is, I am going to be a man and I am going to take responsibilities and own up. Hopefully it won’t be that long or nothing that could jeopardize my career.
  • “Everybody can say, ‘Pac this, Pac that, when is he going to learn?’ But one thing I can tell you is that from this day forward, just watch my actions, and watch how I surround my people around me. I ain’t gonna say there’s going to be a new Pacman, but there’s going to be a new surrounding and a new opinion of Pacman.
  • “I can’t change everyone’s opinion. But as far as the people who are watching me and that don’t characterize me as something, and really try to get to know me, I bet they will see he is all right man.
  • “I know people can’t forget the past. You can’t forget it, but you can always, always, always have to forgive. I just hope they can forgive me for the past. I’m not pointing the fingers at nobody. I take all the blame for whatever incidents are on me.
  • “I have surrounded myself with a lot of bad people. You hit the day in the light and you learn from your mistakes. I have learned so much, you can keep asking how much you have learned. But it isn’t so much I can tell you just have to be around me and watch how I carry myself and who I surround myself with.”

Compiled from various media sources.