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Ravens questions for Total Titans

Thanks to Mike Zoran. who writes at MVN’s Baltimore Ravens site, Ravens Roost, for participating in this question and answer exchange with Total Titans. Following are his questions to me, with my answers.
Ravens Roost: Your Titans are off to a great start. Honestly, are you surprised that 4 weeks into the season they are 4 – 0 sitting at the top of the AFC South?
Total Titans: Frankly, I am a little surprised, but not shocked. The defense is playing a little better than expected, the offense isn’t as inconsistent now that Kerry Collins is the quarterback, and rookie Chris Johnson has added an extra dimension.
RR: What do you say to those that say “4 -0 is a great start, but who have they really played?”
TT: The Jaguars, Texans and Vikings are all pretty solid, tough teams, despite the fact they’ve all got losing records right now. The Bengals are the only team the Titans have played so far that haven’t looked that strong.
RR: Next up is the Baltimore Ravens. What is your biggest worry about this Ravens team?
TT: No question about it, the Ravens’ front seven on defense. Running the ball on them will be a challenge just as tough, if not more so, than the Vikings defense presented last week.
RR: I will admit that I haven’t had a chance to watch the Titans this season yet. But when looking at the stats it appears that a big reason for the early success is the running game and the play of the defense (15 sacks, 8 fumbles and 8 INTs). Your team is at about a 57% / 43% in favor of the run, going against a team that prides itself on stopping the run. So my question is, do you trust Kerry Collins enough to win this game if the Ravens defense does what they do best and stop the run?
TT: As mentioned earlier, Collins is more consistent than Young, which is one of the reasons the Titans have played better than expected. Collins is one of the most experienced QBs in the league, behind Favre and Frerotte, so yes, he can get the job done. Will he? We’ll see. I’m looking forward to a great game.