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Reacquiring Albert Haynesworth: A no-brainer for the Tennessee Titans

I’m sure many of you have been following the rampant speculation regarding a possible Albert Haynesworth reunion with the Tennessee Titans.

Due to the tug-of-war going on between two strong-willed individuals: Washington Redskins’ new sheriff in town Mike Shanahan and Fat Albert, there’s been reports suggesting that Haynesworth could be available. Naturally, since he established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the city of Nashville, there’s been a thought or two regarding the Titans’ possible interest in their former stud defensive tackle.

Of course, Albert’s massive contract makes the situation a bit tricky. However, if the Redskins are hell-bent on ridding themselves of Albert, for the right price, the Titans would be wise to make a run at reacquiring Haynesworth’s services.

As we all know, Haynesworth was quite the difference-maker in a Titan uniform. The combination of his sheer power and girth as well as his cat-like quickness allowed him to be a force, when motivated.

Haynesworth’s presence allowed the Titans’ defense the luxury of just rushing their front-four without having to rely on heavy-blitzing to get after opposing quarterbacks. Of course, the significance of that luxury was realized last year when, due to Albert’s absence, relying solely on the front-four to attain pressure proved to be an ill-fated strategy now that Fat Albert was no longer patrolling the middle of the Titans’ defense.

Albert’s decision to leave Tennessee for the financially-greener pastures of another NFL locale reminded many of a similar decision made by another former Titan defensive lineman: Jevon Kearse’s 2004 departure to the Eagles. Like Kearse, Albert may be realizing that despite the financial blessings bestowed upon him, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

Of course, as history shows us, after a disappointing tenure in Philadelphia, Kearse later reunited with the Titans in 2008 for a much smaller price. Speaking of contracts, after already taking in a more than decent chunk of change from the Redskins in roughly a year after signing his gargantuan pact, only 3 years and $16.2 million dollars remain on Albert’s deal.

Considering the lowered price of Haynesworth’s current contract, depending on Mike Shanahan’s willingness to unload his disruptive yet stubborn DT, attaining Al’s services are a lot more economically tolerable than they were about a year ago.

For the right price, (a 3rd rounder, perhaps?) I’d certainly be on board with a Haynesworth reunion in Nashville. With his presence on the defensive line, William Hayes and Jacob Ford would certainly reap the benefits of the one-on-one matchups they’d see as a result of the multiple blockers that would be occupied by #92.

Of course, there could be a fat chance that Fat Albert will be unleashed by the Redskins: they may not be ready to cut their losses only one-year into one of the dumbest contracts handed out by Daniel Snyder during his fantasy-football-laden tenure as the Skins’ owner.

However, if the Redskins are ready to cut their losses with Albert, the Titans would be wise to at least entertain the thought of bringing him back to the city of Nashville.

What are your thoughts, guys? Yay or nay: If available, should the Titans make a run at reuniting with Albert? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.