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Free Agency Ratings

Three articles in the Tennessean have caught my attention.
The first article says that free agency is about the same this year as it always has been, except for the money.
The next two are analyses of how each team has fared. Here’s the report card on the AFC teams and this is the one for the NFC.
It was no surprise that the Titans were rated as having a significant downgrade in the talent on their roster.
Taking this one step further, I wanted to list the grades of each of the Titans’ 2007 opponents with their records from last year.
Houston 6-10 – significant upgrade
Indianapolis 12-4 – significant downgrade
Jacksonville 8-8 – slight downgrade
Denver 9-7 – significant upgrade
Kansas City 9-7 – slight upgrade
Oakland 2-14 – slight upgrade
San Diego 14-2 – roughly the same
Cincinnati 8-8 – slight downgrade
New York Jets 10-6 – slight upgrade
Atlanta 7-9 – roughly the same
Carolina 8-8 – slight downgrade
New Orleans 10-6 – slight upgrade
Tampa Bay 4-12 – slight upgrade
I recommend reading the articles in the links above for the additions, subtractions, and outlook on all the teams.