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Redrafting for the Titans

If the Titans had not drafted the players they did last week, who might they have drafted instead?

I’ve done a redraft for the Titans with the following rules – each pick must be different from the Titans picks, no matter how much I may have liked one or more of them, and each pick must be someone who was actually available at that spot – I wasn’t allowed to trade with the assumption that another team would be a willing trade partner.

I did execute the same trade the Titans did in the seventh round, since that trade actually did occur.  I did not choose to make the same trade the Titans did to move up in the fifth round, electing instead to stay put and to keep the pick which the Titans dealt.

Round 1, #20
Titans pick: WR Kendall Wright
My pick: G David DeCastro (drafted at #24 by Steelers)
DeCastro was the highest ranked guard prospect since Steve Hutchinson and he could become a perennial All-Pro.

Round 2, #52
Titans pick: LB Zach Brown
My pick: C Peter Konz (#55, Falcons)
I don’t believe Konz will ever be one of the best centers in the league, but he could be good enough to be a longtime starter.  He, DeCastro, Michael Roos and David Stewart could give the Titans the best line in the league for years to come (I don’t expect Hutchinson to play that much longer, so the Titans will need to replace him in the next year or two.)

Round 3, #82
Titans pick: DT Mike Martin
My pick: LB Sean Spence (#86, Steelers)
Spence could give the Titans most of what they believe they’ll get from Brown.  He’s fast, athletic and good in coverage.
Round 4, #115
Titans pick: CB Coty Sensabaugh
My pick: DT Josh Chapman (#136, Colts)
Indy was fortunate that Chapman fell to them but he didn’t get past me in this redraft.  He’s got Shaun Smith’s big body and could give the Titans what they wanted from Smith but didn’t get.

Round 5, #145 (traded up from #155)
Titans pick: TE Taylor Thompson
My pick: FS George Iloka (#167, Bengals)
I took Iloka at #155, without trading up.  He was the top FS on some draft boards, which says something about this year’s draft class at the position.

Round 6, #190
Titans pick: S Markelle Martin
My pick: SS Charles Mitchell (#192, Falcons)
A converted corner who is physical and is a big hitter.  Mitchell and Iloka could conceivably give the Titans the best depth they’ve ever had at safety and one of them would have a strong chance of starting next year if Michael Griffin will be gone.

Round 7, #211 (traded up with 2013 sixth-round pick)
Titans pick: DE Scott Solomon
My pick: DE Cam Johnson (#237, 49ers)
For some reason, Johnson is still here despite being ranked as a third or fourth round prospect by many draft sites.  Johnson’s strong suit is rushing the passer, something the Titans said was a priority for them.
Round 7, #227
Titans pick: traded to Dolphins to move up in fifth round
My pick: CB Trevin Wade (#245, Browns)
He’s been inconsistent, which is why he fell so far.  A great sophomore season, poor junior season and average senior year.  He does have the tools, so worth taking a chance on here.

What do you think?  Who would you take for the Titans in your redraft?