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Reese lands on his feet

Former Titans GM Floyd Reese is now with the NFL Network.
Good for Floyd. It looks too late in the ballgame for any other GM positions to open up this year and he’s a natural for TV and radio. Before leaving the Titans, Floyd had a half-hour TV show once a week during the season, in which he did well.
He was even better on his hour-long weekly radio show, which ran year-round. Floyd had a way of answering even the toughest questions with a laugh and self-deprecating remark, such as, “That wasn’t a very good move, was it?”
Then he’d change the subject with a very smooth segue. Floyd was so good at it, he could have been a politician. The kind of guy who can talk for twenty minutes without telling you anything.
And of course, not telling fans what they wanted to know about the Titans’ personnel plans was just part of his job. No GM in the league would dream of divulging who he’s planning on re-signing, releasing, or drafting.
Floyd has a good reputation around the league, from all I’ve heard about him. He should be in the mix for every GM opening that will occur next year. For now, it’s good to hear that he’s working at something he loves and something he’s good at. I expect he’ll get plenty of work covering the combine and the draft.
One thing’s for certain. Floyd will be able to speak a lot more freely about things than he did in Tennessee.