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Replacing Jeff Fisher: Potential candidates not named Mike Munchak

Help Wanted: The Tennessee Titans are in the market for a new head coach.

As the dust continues to clear after the unexpected mutual decision of Jeff Fisher and the Titans to part ways, it’s time to take a look at some potential names who could/should be in the running for the right to roam the sidelines as the team’s head coach next year and beyond.

Although all signs seem to point in the direction of in-house assistant Mike Munchak getting the job, let’s take a peek at some intriguing outside-of-the-organization options as the Titans embark upon the journey of finding their next head coach.

A big name replacement? Don’t hold your breath

In this exercise, I’m going to omit the usual big-name options that are always mentioned when an NFL head-coaching gig opens up. I’m referring to the likes of Bill Cowher, John Gruden and Tony Dungy; former Super Bowl winning coaches who could be available for the right price and level of power when it comes to running a franchise.

Considering the Titans will be paying Jeff Fisher a rather hefty sum of loot to not coach the team in 2011, we probably shouldn’t expect Bud Adams to, in PacMan Jones’ terms, “make it rain” in the direction of one of the aforementioned big names who are out there.

Instead, hiring a less expensive assistant such as Mike Munchak or some of the other guys I’m about to mention is the likely course of action for the Titans in their head coaching search.

Perry Fewell

The current defensive coordinator of the New York Giants has already been in the running for a head coaching gig or two this offseason. He’s a fiery guy with great leadership skills who also has the experience of being an interim head coach under his belt, as he guided a poor Buffalo Bills team to a 3-4 finish in 2009.

Winston Moss/Joe Whitt Jr./Darren Perry

The next three options are all currently assistants on the Super Bowl-bound Green Bay Packers’ talented coaching staff. Continuing the trend of Super Bowl assistants emerging as hot head coaching commodities, all three guys could be interesting names to ponder for the Titans’ head coaching job.

Currently the assistant head coach while also coaching up the team’s inside linebackers, Winston Moss has interviewed for potential coaching gigs in the recent past.

Joe Whitt Jr. is an up-and-coming prospect who has done a more-than-stellar job coaching Green Bay’s cornerbacks. At the ripe-old-age of 32, Whitt has already been compared to the likes of Mike Tomlin and Raheem Morris; younger coaches with limited experience prior to getting head coaching jobs that have nonetheless, achieved success in the NFL.

Another possibility from Green Bay’s staff is safeties’ coach Darren Perry, but he appears to be in the running for a couple of defensive coordinator positions around the league.

Pete Carmichael Jr.

Currently the offensive coordinator of the high-octane New Orleans Saints, Carmichael Jr. is also regarded as an up-and-coming head coaching prospect. Sean Payton has nothing but positive things to say about Carmichael’s role on the team.

Todd Bowles

Like Green Bay’s Darren Perry, Bowles is also a strong candidate to fill one of the open defensive coordinator spots that’s available. Bowles, currently serving as Miami’s assistant head coach/secondary coach, is regarded as a guy who has the ability to be a head coach in this league.

So that’s it folks, my list of outside-the-organization candidates who could all be potentially intriguing fits if Mike Munchak doesn’t get the job as the Titans’ next head coach.