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Report says Pacman close to drug dealer

The investigation by WTVF NewsChannel 5 continued Tuesday night with Part Two of a story linking Pacman Jones to a convicted drug dealer. The information comes from wiretapped telephone conversations which were part of a major drug investigation.
Among the allegations are that Darryl Moore, a friend of Pacman, a convicted felon, and “alleged major drug kingpin” partied with Pacman, sometimes stayed at Pacman’s house, made drug deals from Pacman’s house, and left Pacman’s house shortly before he was arrested with nearly 2,000 pounds of marijuana and cocaine.
Here’s part of one recorded conversation between Jones and Moore:
Pacman: “Bring that dro over here when you come too buddy.”
Moore: “Do what?”
Pacman: “Bring some of that Dro when you come over here.”
According to the report, “Dro” is slang for marijuana. Listening to the tape, it sounded like Pacman was already under the influence of something and was in no shape to be partying any more.
Another call from a drug customer to Moore:
Moore: “I’m at Pacman’s house. I’m just laying around…”
Caller: “I’m just wondering if I could get a cutie pie from you”
Moore: “Yeah I got it yeah I can do that…give me about an hour”
(The report says a “cutie pie” is slang for nine ounces of cocaine.)
Channel 5 gives the following timeline the morning of Moore’s arrest:
9:06 — Police reports showed officers discovered Moore’s car at Pacman’s house.
9:46 — Moore exits Pacman’s house with a briefcase. Minutes later, Moore and Pacman were in the garage talking to each other.
9:52 — Moore left Pacman’s home with a bag and then about an hour and a half later, officers began the takedown, arrested Moore and seized thousands of pounds of marijuana.
The story also said, “An attorney at the district attorney’s office said they could never prove Pacman was a distributor, although the conversations showed he was likely a user and a customer.”
All this looks good for Channel 5 and their ratings. Of course, it makes Pacman and the Titans look pretty bad.
The latest report on Channel 5 didn’t say whether they would have more on the story or not, but I’ll be tuned in tonight, just in case. I just hope this doesn’t turn out to be one of those four or five-part stories.
I don’t know if this will get worse but I won’t be surprised if it does.