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Pacman 10, Bengals 9

The Cincinnati Bengals have been the bad boys of the NFL with nine arrests in the last year but Titans cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones is trying to outdo the Bengals all by himself.
There’s now news that Pacman was charged with marijuana possession in Georgia last year, a charge which was later dismissed, and has also been charged with felony obstruction for fighting with a policeman. Fighting a cop? That’s not the best idea I’ve ever heard of.
Since he was selected with the sixth pick overall in the 2005 draft, Pacman has been arrested, named, or questioned by the police ten times. That we know of.
The news keeps getting worse for Pacman. Here are a couple more new doozies.
After things started quieting down a little bit in the aftermath of a triple shooting in a Las Vegas strip club last week, some strange things have surfaced.
First, the owner of the strip club said only $3,500 of the $81,000 used to throw at strippers belonged to Pacman. He has an axe to grind. He blames Pacman for the shootings, which left one of his employees paralyzed, and he doesn’t want Pacman to claim money that wasn’t his.
Then a story appeared where family members expressed concern about Pacman, saying he was out of control. Pacman’s father didn’t live to the age of 26 and his grandmother worries the same will happen to him.
Here’s a head scratcher. After a week of silence, Pacman’s “publicist” claims the accusations against Pacman in the triple shooting are false. Claiming to be present and an eyewitness, she said Pacman was an innocent victim who was beaten and robbed at the club. So what kind of publicist sits on this instead of getting it out there right away to defend her client’s good name?
And then the two arrests in Georgia which have just now come to light. An officer with the Fayette County Drug Task Force said he wasn’t aware the marijuana charges against Pacman had been dropped and wanted to know why. The felony obstruction charge occurred when Pacman and others ran from and then fought police.
I wonder what the Bengals will do to retake the lead.