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Sherman Smith will be hard to replace

I don’t normally comment on all the possibilities emanating from various rumors and reports, but this has a stamp of authenticity to it.
Sherman Smith, the Titans’ running backs coach, keeps a pretty low profile. He’s rarely in the public eye and is often overshadowed by more vocal and more visible assistant coaches.
He was the Seahawks’ starting running back when Jim Zorn, the new Redskins’ coach, was the quarterback. Each turned to coaching after their playing days were over and each has been in the league for more than 30 years now.
Smith has been with the Titans 12 years and coached Eddie George, Chris Brown, Travis Henry and LenDale White, all 1,000 yard rushers.
One of the best things about Smith I do know of is the way he cares about players, even those at other positions he doesn’t personally coach. On several occasions, I’ve heard former Titans receiver Chris Sanders speak about Smith and what he meant to him.
If Sherman Smith is offered, and accepts, the offensive coordinator’s position in Washington, he’ll be hard to replace. The Titans may find someone who’s just as good at teaching technique and coaching the position, but they’ll be hard pressed to find a better person.