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Should the Titans try to trade up out of the #8 draft slot?

While I am hopeful, I am not quite as optimistic as Tom that a targeted player could fall to the Titans at #8.  In this piece Tom wrote, he stated he felt Blaine Gabbert, Nick Fairley or Patrick Peterson might be available when the Titans are on the clock.

Like Tom, I would like to see Gabbert, Fairley or Peterson still on the board when the Titans are on the clock.  I’d also love to see Marcell Dareus or Von Miller, though I expect Miller to be gone and Dareus long gone by then.

I can envision a scenario in which the Titans would be in the unfavorable situation of having to draft a player they don’t value at that spot if they’re unable to trade down.

Would Mike Reinfeldt trade up to grab a targeted player?  Possibly, but if the Titans do trade, I believe it’s far more likely that they trade down from #8.  Perhaps with less than ideal compensation, especially if the Titans are the party initiating the trade talk.

Following is what could be a worst case scenario for the Titans on Draft Day.

1. Carolina – Cam Newton
2. Denver – Marcell Dareus
3. Buffalo – Nick Fairley
4. Cincinnati – Blaine Gabbert
5. Arizona – Von Miller
6. Cleveland – Robert Quinn
7. San Francisco – Patrick Peterson

If that, or something similar, happens, then I will sure wish Reinfeldt had traded up.  Then, I’ll hope he will trade down and get some value for the #8 pick rather than select someone else at #8.

In related top draft pick news, Walter Football’s consensus big board was updated today.  It’s compiled from the big boards of Mel Kiper (ESPN), Todd McShay (ESPN), Rob Rang (CBS), Scott Wright (DraftCountdown.com), Tony Pauline (Sports Illustrated), Wes Bunting (NFP) and Mike Mayock (NFL Network). Following are the top ten, plus the top two quarterbacks, with my comments on each.

1. Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU: 2.3 (Last Week: 1)
High: 1 (Multi); Low: 4 (Pauline)
Although cornerback isn’t a strong need for the Titans, I’d love to see him in two-tone blue.

2. A.J. Green, WR, Georgia: 3.2 (Last Week: 2)
High: 1 (Multi); Low: 5 (Multi)
I certainly hope someone drafts Green in the top seven, pushing another good player back towards the Titans.

3. Von Miller, OLB, Texas A&M: 3.9 (Last Week: 3)
High: 2 (Multi); Low: 9 (Pauline)
I don’t expect Miller to last beyond Arizona at #5, unless they draft a quarterback. Cleveland at #6 or San Francisco at #7 would then be likely landing spots.

4. Marcell Dareus, DT, Alabama: 4.4 (Last Week: 4)
High: 1 (Multi); Low: 14 (Bunting)
Is there any way he slips past both Denver at #2 and Buffalo at #3? Not likely.

5. Nick Fairley, DT, Auburn: 6.0 (Last Week: 5)
High: 3 (Multi); Low: 11 (Wright)
Fairley could go in the top three or could very possibly drop further than he should, though it’s expecting a lot for him to fall to #8.

6. Robert Quinn, DE, North Carolina: 6.6 (Last Week: 7)
High: 5 (Multi); Low: 10 (Pauline)
There is some concern about his run defense but little about his ability to rush the passer.

7. Da’Quan Bowers, DE, Clemson: 7.4 (Last Week: 6)
High: 2 (Pauline); Low: 16 (Bunting)
His poor (by many accounts) Pro Day once more raises questions about his knee. Don’t expect to see him at this spot when the consensus big board is updated next.

8. Julio Jones, WR, Alabama: 9.0 (Last Week: 8)
High: 2 (Bunting); Low: 17 (Pauline)
No longer a position of need for Tennessee. It would be great, though unlikely, if both he and A.J. Green were taken in the top seven.

9. Prince Amukamara, CB, Nebraska: 11.0 (Last Week: 9)
High: 7 (Pauline); Low: 27 (Bunting)
I wouldn’t mind him but wouldn’t be thrilled either. The Titans have bigger needs.

10. Tyron Smith, OT, USC: 11.9 (Last Week: 12)
High: 9 (Multi); Low: 16 (Wright)
Another position that’s not a need.

11. Blaine Gabbert, QB, Missouri: 12.1 (Last Week: 10)
High: 5 (Mayock); Low: Unranked (Bunting)
Five of the first seven teams to draft – #1 Carolina, #3 Buffalo, #4 Cincinnati, #5 Arizona and #7 San Francisco – have a need (or perceived need) at QB. How soon will Gabbert be taken?

16. Cam Newton, QB, Auburn: 18.6 (Last Week: 16)
High: 11 (Rang); Low: Unranked (Bunting)
Despite his #16 consensus big board ranking, his tremendous upside should make him a top five pick.

What do you guys think? How do you think the top seven will go? Who will be there at #8? Should the Titans trade up to get someone like Gabbert, Fairley, or Miller? Or should they sit tight and wait for a good player to fall to them at #8?