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Should Titans Fans Root for Colts or Ravens?

As the Colts-Ravens game is about to begin, I reflect on issues Titans fans have with both teams.
The Colts are now a divisional rival; before that the Ratbirds were.
There have been questions about which team Titans fans should root for. Horse hockey!
Titans fans have plenty of reasons to dislike both teams. Samari Rolle and Derrick Mason were released by the Titans when they wouldn’t restructure their contracts in 2005. They could have prevented or at least delayed the salary cap purge of ’05, but chose free agency instead, to sign with the hated Ratbirds. So-called Titans fans who want to see them win a ring are full of something.
McNair had the same option a year later and wouldn’t restructure. All three of them could still be Titans, but chose not to be. I see no reason to root for them or wish them too well.
Titans fans will also remember Billick for unleashing F-bombs against them. Many fans are fond of replying, “Buck Fillick.”
And of course we can’t forget Peyton, who loves to get his little subtle digs in at the Titans every chance he gets. Last year it was a derogatory quip about a 5-11 team. Peyton later backpedalled, denying he was referring to any specific team. Colt crap! Be a man, Peyton, and own up to what you say. Or just keep your mouth shut.
It won’t happen, but I’d like to see a scoreless tie where both teams beat the crap out of each other. That failing, Titans fans will just have to wait another week for the winner to lose to San Diego or New England.