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Should the Tennessee Titans bench Kerry Collins?

In 2008, many (including yours truly) were singing the praises of the rejuvenated Kerry Collins. His days of being a team’s numero uno signal-caller thought to be over, KC rose from the dead to emerge as a more than capable starter on the Titans’ 13-3 squad last year.

Unfortunately, it’s been back to mediocrity in 2009 for Collins. With the help of some ill-time dropped passes, Kerry missed on his last 13 attempts in Sunday’s 24-17 loss to the Jets. Through three games, his quarterback rating is a less-than-desirable 69.9.

With the 0-3 Titans’ season seemingly slipping away from them, is it time to pull the plug on

By no means should Kerry’s less-than-stellar performance be considered as the sole reason behind the team’s struggles this year. Last time I checked, Kerry doesn’t play on a defense that’s been extremely generous to opposing teams’ passing games. He’s also not capable of doing what appears to be the unthinkable for the Titans this year: simply fielding a punt/kick without dropping the football.

However, Kerry’s had the opportunity to step up and make some plays in the waning moments of the first three games and unfortunately, he’s failed to do so.

Of course, maybe we’re expecting too much from the veteran Collins. After all, he thrived in 2008 playing the role as game manager with other aspects of the team; defense, special teams and the running game, usually leading the Titans to wins.

In ’08, there was an occasion or two (such as last year’s Bears’ game) when Kerry passed the team to victory via his strong throwing arm. However, for the most part, Kerry’s role was to manage the game, not win or lose it.

With the struggles of the defense and special teams, Kerry’s been forced to play the role of game-winner instead of game manager in 2009. Unfortunately, at least at this point in his career, his new role does not play to his strengths and we should not be surprised that he’s struggling.

The 2009 Tennessee Titans need a game-changer, not a game manager.

Sitting behind Kerry Collins is a guy who changed games with his unique abilities during his highly successful collegiate career and rookie season as a pro. Of course, the player I’m referring to is the highly scrutinized Vince Young.

If the team continues to struggle, why not give VY a chance of traveling down the road to redemption? Instead of him continuing to carry the clipboard as one of the league’s most expensive backup signal-callers, Young should get the opportunity to once again try to prove that he’s the team’s franchise quarterback.

Kerry Collins is a great fit for a team that’s winning ballgames by riding the coattails of everyone but the starting QB. He’s a poor fit for a squad that’s struggling to win a game while having their playoff aspirations dashed with the arrival of each defeat.

Sure, I’m all in favor of Collins continuing to start at least the next game or two. Before KC is jettisoned to the pine, let’s first see if the team can bounce back against the hated Jaguars and if that occurs, maybe split the following two games against the Colts and Patriots to head into the bye week at 2-4.

However, if the Titans lose to the Jags next week to fall to 0-4, here’s to hoping that Jeff Fisher will at least consider inserting Young into the lineup. VY is an enigma, but he’s a talented enigma who could provide a spark to a team in desperate need of one.

At the very least, we’d find out once and for all whether or not Vince is the team’s future QB and if he isn’t, then the team can draft that player with a high first-round selection in next year’s draft.

I’ve said what I’ve had to say so now it’s your turn, guys. Is it time to bench Kerry Collins or should he continue to serve as the Titans’ starting QB?