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Should the Tennessee Titans retire Steve McNair’s #9?

Last fall, during the halftime ceremony of the Tennessee Titans’ memorable 31-21 victory over the Indianapolis Colts, Steve McNair, Eddie George and Frank Wycheck were inducted into the team’s newly created Ring of Honor.

However, despite the recognition, the jerseys of the aforementioned Titan greats were not retired. As a matter of fact, a set of criteria was established that requires guys such as McNair, George and Wycheck to meet three stipulations in order for their numbers to be retired:

Adams also created a set of criteria for future players to have their jersey numbers retired. Players would have to meet three benchmarks to attain this honor, including entry into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, recognition as achieving their greatest success with the Titans/Oilers franchise and play the majority of their career with the Oilers/Titans franchise.

Should the Titans make an exception to their policy by immediately retiring the late Steve McNair’s #9 jersey?

McNair meets two of the jersey retirement standards: he played the majority of his career with the Titans while enjoying his greatest NFL success in the city of Nashville.

However, McNair won’t be able to accomplish the third standard until 2013 at the earliest and judging by the thoughts of many, he’s going to unfortunately have a difficult time gaining entry into Canton.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’d have a tough time witnessing another Titan player wearing the #9 jersey. Therefore, it would be great if the Titans decided to waive their newly implemented jersey retirement rule to allow McNair the honorable distinction of having his number off-limits forever.

For those of you interested, feel free to visit here to sign a petition for the Titans to do the right thing by retiring McNair’s #9 jersey.