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Should the Titans sign Matt Jones? Yea or nay?

Drexel recently wrote about the possibility of the Titans adding another wide receiver.
One name he mentioned, former Jacksonville Jaguar WR Matt Jones, is having a workout and physical for the Titans today. It says something about the team’s confidence in their receiving corps, most notably Paul Williams and Lavelle Hawkins, that they would consider Jones, who was released by the Jaguars after a drug-related arrest last year.
Although rare, it isn’t new for the Titans to sign a free agent in the NFL’s substance abuse program. They knew when they signed Travis Henry that he was in the program with one strike against him already. Henry received a second strike in Tennessee and was suspended four games before going to Denver, where he ended his career.
If signed, Jones would be the first player with some baggage the Titans signed in the post-Pacman era. They must have really checked him out with the proverbial fine-toothed comb to be satisfied his problems are behind him.

Jones has steadily improved each year in the league and I believe he’d make a fine addition. Despite some speed, he’s not a deep threat but is a solid possession receiver. With his height, he’s an excellent red zone target.
I had the opportunity to see him play a lot of football and basketball at Arkansas and this guy is a great athlete. On the court, he was a 6’6″ forward who played above the rim, which demonstrates why he’s a great end zone target. He could shoot the three too.
On the gridiron, he quarterbacked the Razorbacks and occasionally ran Houston Nutt’s single wing. Pretty effectively, too. I recall one game where Arkansas went to Austin, Texas and Jones ran all over the Longhorns.
For those of you who like trivia, if the Titans sign Jones, that would give them four college quarterbacks drafted in the first round.
Besides the lack of confidence in Williams and Hawkins exhibited by this move, I must also wonder if this in any way signifies that Nate Washington’s injury is more serious than it’s thought to be.
Assuming Jones’ workout and physical are satisfactory, I’m all for the move. I wouldn’t mind having a WR corps on the 53-man roster consisting of Justin Gage, Nate Washington, Kenny Britt, Mark Jones and Matt Jones. If you have to have a sixth man, throw in rookie Dominique Edison, who has some upside.
Titans fans, what do you say to Matt Jones? Yea or nay?