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Some Pub for Brocato

I found a good read on longtime Titans scout C.O. Brocato this morning. Despite being a candidate for the Pro Football Hall of Fame and a legend in scouting circles, C.O. is little-known by average fans. It’s good to see him get some pub.
C.O.’s stomping grounds are the Southwest, particularly Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana, but he also holds the title of National Coordinator of College Scouting for the Titans. This basically means that every college player considered for the draft by the Titans has to get C.O.’s stamp of approval.
The article mentions that Brocato has no intentions of retiring, even after a life-threatening infection which hospitalized him at the Indy combine last year. For him to miss the rest of the combine told everyone that it was very serious.
There are a few things I’ve heard about him that I’d like to mention here. When C.O. attends a school’s Pro Day, he absolutely runs it. All the other scouts in attendance defer to him, which shows the amount of respect he’s earned from his peers.
There’s also a statement from Floyd Reese that C.O. knows the janitors of all the schools in his territory. I’d add that he probably also knows every assistant coach, trainer, and the secretaries in the athletic departments’ offices too.
Some people have a misconception that all scouts do is watch games on Saturday. C.O. does that too, but gets most of his work done during the week when he’s visiting schools and meeting with all the above people. He talks with assistant coaches, watches a lot of film, and observes practices. Then the next day, he does it all over again at another school.
Congrats to C.O. for the well-deserved recognition.