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Some thoughts on Titans-Saints

The Titans have already started making cuts, but I think it’s still worth the while to go back and write about the yesterday’s preseason game against the Saints.  Some quick takes on what I mentioned in my pregame preview, plus a couple other notes:

  • Kenny Britt.  He was on the field a little, which was a good sign.  Only one target, and it looked like a miscommunication.  I have a post going up tomorrow, likely, on why that sort of thing doesn’t surprise me.
  • David Stewart.  I intentionally didn’t focus on him, as I was more concerned if he’d show up on my radar as a player having issues.  The starters didn’t play an awful lot, but I didn’t notice any problems.
  • Byron Stingily. He got work with the third team at left tackle, as Mike Otto was the second-team guy and Terry the third-teamer.  He’s clearly a work in progress and seems under-strength for an NFL left tackle.  I don’t think he’s in a position to play a role in 2011, but if the team has soured on Kropog or they don’t like the guys at other positions, he could steal a spot.  I think he’s a practice squad guy, though.
  • Pannel Egboh and Zach Clayton.  Clayton got work mostly with Marks, who got a good number of snaps while working his way back from injury.  I saw neither splash plays nor consistent anchoring from Clayton, and don’t expect him to make the 53-man.  I haven’t been as high on Egboh as everyone else.  Honestly, of the guys who aren’t in the top 9 DL, I thought Malcolm Sheppard had the best game.
  • Rennie Curran has already been cut.
  • Secondary depth.  Babineaux and Campbell both ended up with fortuitous interceptions.  Anthony Smith was fairly active, and I think he has a good chance at making the team.  It was disappointing the Saints opted to play Canfield the entire game, as he’s not a real downfield thrower or very good, to be honest, so I couldn’t get a strong feeling for just how good the downfield coverage was.

As I did for the prior games, I took notes on each first half play, so you can review those if you like.  I thought Colin McCarthy had a pretty strong game, and though it probably doesn’t show up in the notes, Marks looked better than the second-teamers he was mostly playing with and against.