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Statistical tidbits on the Titans’ offense through four weeks

There’s not necessarily any deep meaning to these, but I found these statistical tidbits on the Titans’ offense to be interesting.

  • The Titans have started five drives in opponents’ territory this year. On those five drives, they’ve scored 6 points. Total. Two made field goals, two punts, and an interception.  I’ve written before about the effect of field position, and it’s rare to squander great field position like that and be successful.
  • By contrast, the Titans are actually doing better on drives that begin in their own territory. By my methodology, they’re averaging 2.1 points per drive when starting inside the 20 and on the 20, and averaging 2.2 points per drive when starting between their 21 and the 49.
  • The Titans have run the ball 6 times on third down, 4 of those times on third-and-one.
  • The Titans have called a pass play 48 times on third down, including once on third-and-one. Yes, that means on the 49 times the Titans have been in third-and-two or more, they’ve called a pass play 47 times.
  • The ball was thrown Kenny Britt’s way 9 times on third down. The Titans got 7 first downs on those passes. No other player thrown the ball more than once has converted more than half the time.
  • Your top pass target on third down the last two weeks? Lavelle Hawkins.

That’s all for now. If there are any stats you’re curious about, let me know and I’ll do my best to answer them.