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Steve McNair announcing his retirement

Steve McNair is announcing his retirement this morning.
This comes as a little bit of a surprise to me. I believed he’d be one of those guys who tried to play as long as he could. He certainly hasn’t been able to play effectively since going to Baltimore two years ago. He lost the ability to throw deep and had some injury problems, especially last year.
He definitely is not the type who would assume a backup role, simply trying to hang on. Maybe his injuries and lessened abilities were such that he saw the writing on the wall. If that was the case, then I’m sure he had enough loyalty to let his current team know his plans before the draft.
Steve was the face of the Titans since they relocated to Tennessee ten years ago and until he was traded to the Ravens. Although he’ll announce his retirement in Baltimore, I’ll always think of him as a Titan first.
McNair still has a house in Nashville, but I imagine he’ll spend most of his time on his farm/ranch in Mississippi. He’ll probably spend some of his time in retirement hunting and fishing with his buddy Brett Favre.
I’ll probably remember him most for the Giants game in the Meadowlands when he led a fourth quarter comeback and overtime victory. What’s your favorite Steve McNair moment?