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Ten Undrafted Free Agents the Tennessee Titans should pursue

In a normal offseason, the Tennessee Titans would have had the opportunity to pick up some talent via the pool of undrafted free agents. However, thanks to the lockout, this is anything but a normal offseason.

Undrafted free agents are forced to sit in limbo as they anxiously await the chance to begin their longshot attempts to stick in the NFL. On the other side of the coin, NFL teams have yet to take advantage of an underrated source of bringing in good players to compete for roster spots.

Whenever the lockout ends, the Titans will have the chance to reel in some reinforcements via the undrafted free agent market and if they’re able to once again seize a talent such as LeGarrette Blount, hopefully, this year, such a find won’t be foolishly tossed aside.

Here’s a look at ten undrafted free agents that should be of interest to the Tennessee Titans. 

DeAndre McDaniel SS Clemson

Perhaps the most talented strong safety available in the undrafted free agent market, despite some concerns about his ability to cover the deep half of the field, he’s talented enough to have a chance to stick in the NFL.

With the departure of Chris Hope (whether this year or next year) seemingly imminent, there’s nothing wrong with bringing in some young talent who could one day develop into a contributor.

Zach Hurd G Connecticut

This 6’7″ 325 lb. behemoth with a mean streak would be a nice addition for a Titans team that could use another young body or two on their interior line.

Ray Dominguez G Arkansas

Like Hurd, Dominguez is a physical specimen (6’4″ 340 lbs) who could provide some depth on the interior line.

Mario Harvey MLB Marshall

Despite not being invited to the NFL Combine, this small-school talent has the necessary combination of on-the-field production while putting up great numbers at his pro day.

With the future of Stephen Tulloch in a Titans uniform in doubt, Harvey could emerge as an intriguing development prospect at MLB. At the very least, he’d be an effective contributor on special teams.

Adrian Moten OLB Maryland

Despite his lack of great size, Moten’s extremely athletic and one of his strengths just happened to be one the Titans’ biggest weaknesses in 2010: he’s great at covering opposing tight ends.

Ian Williams DT Notre Dame

There’s nothing wrong with adding another big-body to the Titans’ DT rotation, an area where size is certainly welcome. 

Mario Fannin RB Auburn 

He’s a big back with the ability to also contribute at the FB position. A bit of an underachiever at the college level, he’d be a nice depth acquisition in the backfield.

Andre Smith TE Virginia Tech  

The Titans could use the presence of another blocking TE on their roster and Smith’s biggest strength is his ability to pancake the opposition. 

Pierre Allen DE Nebraska 

Allen comes from a big-time program with a reputation of fielding one of the nation’s toughest defenses. Allen certainly has the pedigree to come in and surprise in training camp.

Pat Devlin QB Delaware 

With the acquisition of first-round draft pick Jake Locker, the Titans are anything but in need of a youngster to groom as a future starting signal-caller. 

However, considering Devlin was once considered a potential 3rd/4th round pick, I see nothing wrong in bringing in some additional talent at the QB position. At the very least, he could push Rusty Smith for a spot on the roster. 

Any thoughts on the list? Any other undrafted free agents you’d like to see the Titans pursue once they’re able to? Feel free to provide your always welcomed thoughts below.