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Tennessee Titans add UDFAs

The Titans have added the following undrafted free agents, as per tweets from Jim Wyatt.

TE Jack Doyle, Western Kentucky
RB Stefphon Jefferson, Nevada 
T Oscar Johnson, Louisiana Tech
ILB Tom Wort, Oklahoma
K Maikon Bonani, South Florida
WR Rashad Ross, Arizona State 
DL Stefan Charles, Regina
CB George Baker, South Florida
OLB Johnathan Willard, Clemson
WR Travis Harvey, Florida A&M 
CB Matt Pierce, Valdosta State 
WR Dontel Watkins, Murray State
C Eloy Atkinson, UTEP 
DE Nigel Nicholas, Oklahoma State
OL Matt Sewell, McMaster
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Curious by its absence is a quarterback, but I suspect the Titans will sign one soon if they haven't already.  There are a lot of passes to be thrown between now and September and they can't go through OTAs and training camp without a camp arm.
Most of the UDFAs will be nothing more than camp bodies but a quick check indicates there are four guys who could challenge for a roster spot.  They're the ones in boldface above, the first four guys on the list.
NFLDraftScout.com projected Doyle and Johnson as possible 7th round draft picks (or free agents.)  Optimum Scouting's Eric Galko ranks Wort as the 55th best UDFA, Johnson 61st and Jefferson 84th best.  Gil Brandt includes Wort as a top ten best undrafted LB.
While I don't expect any of the UDFAs to contribute, this year or ever, three former UDFAs have been more than just mere contributors.
Drew Bennett (2001-2007) 57 starts
Brad Kassell (2002-2005) 32 starts
Billy Volek (2001-2005) 10 starts
We must remember that all three joined the Titans at a time when the franchise was in salary cap trouble and it was cheaper to keep young players than veterans.  Fortunately, that situation is no longer a problem.