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Tennessee Titans fourth preseason game preview notes

The Tennessee Titans conclude the 2014 preseason tonight at LP Field against the Minnesota Vikings. Kickoff is at 7 PM CT. The game will be available on your Titans and Vikings preseason outlets, plus on the NFL’s Preseason Live streaming service (how I’ll be watching) and will eventually be replayed on NFL Network.

“No injuries” is a mantra of my preseason game previews, and that’s especially true for the fourth preseason game. Outside of Jeff Fisher (and even he may be changing these days), the fourth preseason game is a light workout and then get them out of there, if they even play at all, for the starters on most teams in the league. With the Titans still adapting to new schemes on both sides of the ball, a series or two wouldn’t do the offense or defense much harm at all, in my view. Ken Whisenhunt had been expectedly coy on just how much they’ll play.

Beyond “no injuries,” the thing to watch is the bubble players. The ones who can do the most to hurt or harm their chances are probably kickers Maikon Bonani and Travis Coons, though keep in mind Rob Bironas only went 4-7 on field goals in the 2005 preseason when he was in a kicking competition and ended up being a pretty decent NFL kicker for a while. On offense and defense, it’s the bubble wide receivers-Derek Hagan, Marc Mariani, Michael Preston, and Brian Robiskie-and see who among those plays special teams. There are also the bubble defensive backs-Khalid Wooten, Tommie Campbell, Marqueston Huff (a roster lock, but a playing time question mark). It would have been a great chance to finally see Antonio Johnson and Mike Martin, but they’ve been ruled out tonight; that’ll be a very interesting roster conversation.

Oh, and if the rain shows up as the forecast indicates it might, expect to see a lot of the third-string offensive linemen and a lot of runs with probably Antonio Andrews to minimize risks.

I’ll be chiming in from time to time during the game on Twitter, so follow me and yap at me there if you wish; recap up after the game, not that I care what the final score will be.