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Tennessee Titans select OLB Zaviar Gooden with third round compensatory pick

The Tennessee Titans closed out the third round of the 2013 NFL Draft using their third round compensatory pick, the 97th overall, on Missouri OLB Zaviar Gooden

I don't get this pick.   Gooden has prototypical Will size at 6'1" 234 pounds.  Fast guy, good in coverage, sounds a lot like Zach Brown, whom they drafted in the second round just a year ago.

Could the Titans be planning to use Gooden a whole lot in nickel?  Maybe use Brown and Gooden as nickel LBs with Akeem Ayers rushing the passer?  If not, they just invested a high pick on a special teams player.  The Titans have much bigger needs at other positions and I'm not sold on this pick yet.