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Tennessee Titans select WR Justin Hunter in second round

The Titans moved up six positions in the second round, trading their second round pick, the 40th overall, their seventh round pick (216th), and next year's third round pick for the opportunity to select Justin Hunter.

Hunter is an intriguing prospect.  He has outstanding physical abilities and tremendous potential but on the downside, he's demonstrated inconsistent hands with numerous drops at inopportune times, as Tennessee Vols fans are all too aware of.

My quick take includes all of the following:

The Titans must have a very high grade on Hunter for them to give so much to trade up just six spots.

The Titans will sink or swim with Jake Locker this year and want to give him another weapon.

The Titans are very worried about Kenny Britt's and/or Nate Washington's ability to contribute this year.

The Titans don't expect Britt or Washington to be with the team next year and are being proactive.

The Titans feel there is a lot of depth and value to be had in the third and fourth round for defensive ends, corners and defensive tackles.

I'm not thrilled by this pick but on the bright side, I suspect the Titans will concentrate on improving their last-ranked defense in the remainder of the draft.