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Tennessee Week Fifteen Postgame Quotes

Jeff Fisher – “What happened today is that we took advantage of those situations — the interception returns for touchdowns, the strip and caused fumble, Pac’s returns, all those things. So, we created opportunities for ourselves.”
Keith Bulluck – “Last time we went down there they basically did whatever they wanted with us. They got to have their way with us, treated us like young boys. This time the young boys kind of grew up a bit and had a little vinegar in their urine and came out there and traded punches.”
Vince Young – “Overall, the defense had the upper hand today. I applaud those guys a whole lot. It was beautiful seeing those guys out there make those plays.”
Lamont Thompson – “Every time we seemed to need a play, [Pacman] comes up with it. He’s just playing tremendous right now. He is totally comfortable out there and I just can’t say enough about how good he is playing.”
Chris Hope – “Throughout this last win streak that we’ve had, the offense has played big, scoring points and making the plays for us. As a defense, we take pride in scoring our own touchdowns. Keith [Bulluck] said it earlier today when we broke it down: ‘Don’t go out and dominate. Go out and score touchdowns.’ We all take pride in scoring when we get our hands on the ball.”
Reynaldo Hill – “We just felt like they were trying us and we just had a chance to show the world that we could beat them. No matter the record, no matter if they had the best rushing team, we were like, ‘we are going to come out and play today’.”
Albert Haynesworth – “You can put it under the crazy win column, the close win column or whatever you want to, as long as we keep winning, that’s what I’m happy about.”
Cortland Finnegan – “I just wanted to get in the endzone and put some points up on the board. You run faster when a play like that happens, and then you find out how winded you are at the end. It was a fun thing.”
Kyle Vanden Bosch – “This was a lot of fun. A good part of this winning streak the offense has really stepped up and kind of bailed us out at times. This time the defense really stepped up and won this game for us. But as long as we win, that’s the most important thing, and we seem to be finding a different way to do it every week.”
Jim Schwartz – “They had a quarterback sneak called and we were blitzing up the middle and trying to take care of the quarterback sneak. Their answer to that is throw the fade, and Pac fought it. That’s what you pay corners to do and that’s why we drafted him.”
Keith Bulluck – “It’s on us to get off the field. We didn’t do a good job of that today but fortunately we came away with the win.”
Albert Haynesworth – “I’ve never seen anything like that before. That was incredible. It seems like every defensive back had something to do with this game. It was totally incredible. You have to give it up to those guys because they knew that Garrard was going to scramble around and he had a good arm and was going to try to make plays. They were just at the right place.”
Chris Hope – “Playmaking becomes contagious, just like winning does.”
Reynaldo Hill – “They had a swagger coming in like we weren’t nothing. I saw those guys talking about us this week, saying, ‘It’s just the Titans; we’ll be fine.’ That was a punch in the face to us. That’s no respect for us. I think they believe we’re for real now. Some of their guys even told me.”
Bud Adams – “That defense won the game for us today. The offense didn’t have the ball that much. No telling what we would have done to them if the offense had it. But they have found a way to win games, and that is the main thing.”
Compiled from various media sources.