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Tennessee Week Sixteen Postgame Quotes

Jeff Fisher – “Our instruction was to kick the ball just short and let them touch it and the half’s over. Shows you what can happen with a second left. That’s the thing that is so important about this win and it’s a great learning experience. You can’t afford to have those type things happen, yet we were able to overcome that. This is the first time that we’ve overcome mistakes and won a ballgame.”
Kevin Mawae – “We’re making the unconventional seem pretty mundane. Games like this, it’s a testament to how much we’ve come along and guys trusting in each other and guys that need to make plays making plays.”
Travis Henry – “It feels real good because our playoff hopes are still alive. This is one of the games I circled, when I found out we were playing Buffalo.”
Kyle Vanden Bosch – “I’ve never been in a situation where I’m still alive in the playoffs. I am usually playing for pride at this point in the season. We’ve got a chance. The way this team keeps finding ways to win, we are a dangerous team right now.”
Keith Bulluck – “It shows a lot about how resilient we are. We’ve been in just about every situation this year. We’ve been down a lot and we’ve come back and won. We’ve won when we haven’t played especially well. But we know there is always a way for us to win. Now we have one more game left and it might be for us to go to the playoffs. We’ll see what happens.”
Brandon Jones – “I don’t know if we are a team of destiny, but we have something special going on around here. We are a team, and winning as one.”
Travis Henry – “We started out 0-5, and we have just been on a roll. We just know how to win, and it feels great. We are just going to play this last game and see what happens.”
Kevin Mawae – “It’s an emergency situation for the o-line. When Vince runs, we all run. I was fortunate I was able to help him out. I’m just glad he made a play and got in the end zone.”
Vince Young – “I’m gifted with God-given talent in my legs. Buffalo did a good job in the coverage and I just took the ball down and I had probably six big guys in front of me and LenDale got a good block to spur me off.”
Reynaldo Hill – “It is real big for me. Earlier in the season it was hard for me to get an interception and now when I have a chance to get one I am trying to do whatever I can to seal the game.”
Vince Young – “We had some ups and downs in the game. The wind was real crazy.”
Craig Hentrich – “That’s one of the worst wind games I’ve played in in a couple years. It was predominantly going one direction, but it was swirling both corners. The snapping was tough, trying to catch the snaps was tough and obviously whenever I dropped it (to punt) the ball blew a lot, because I hit one dead left. It was just a tough day and I’m glad it’s done.”
Rob Bironas – “It [his 42-yard field goal] had just enough. I didn’t see how much it dropped in by, but I know it hovered right up there.”
Craig Hentrich – “I don’t know why they didn’t try [a last-minute field goal to win]. Lindell’s made a couple field goals over 50 this year. I think if he got a little low on the wind he could have made it. But I’m glad he didn’t try.”
Jeff Fisher – “This probably sums up what we’re about. We got the ball back and ran seven minutes off the clock and did most of it on the ground.”
Kevin Mawae – “We wanted to keep it close and get an opportunity to win it at the end. We had a bunch of guys make plays. We felt confident we could establish the run game and stick to it. We had a slow start, and they took away some of the things we wanted to do, but we came back to the stuff that was working and Travis did a great job finding the holes and Ahmard did a great job blocking for him and the offensive line played solid.”
Ahmard Hall – “When Travis rushes for 100 yards, it’s like me rushing for 100 yards. Coach Fisher is a smart coach. He knows what to do and he put us in the position and we ran seven minutes off the clock. That’s what you have to do at the end of the game.”
Travis Henry – “It was great. We knew we had to have ball control. The offense blocked, I ran hard. We kept the chains moving and kept the clock running.”
Norm Chow – “You could tell this week, he [Brandon Jones] worked hard, he was ready for the game. He was real fast out on the field and it was nice to see.”
Drew Bennett – “Vince did a great job of spreading the ball around, found who was open and made good throws.”
Brandon Jones – “Every week he [Young] does something to amaze me. I can’t believe some of the things that he does.”
Vince Young – “That’s all you heard all season, that a rookie’s not going to be able to do this and that. And I took that as, `Hey, let’s show the world that you can do that.’ ”
Frank Wycheck – “I stayed in and had room service at the hotel. I didn’t want to take the chance of going out.”
Compiled from various media sources.