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Tennessee Titans 2009 offseason position analysis – Fullback

As we continue our series of positional analyses, we look now at the fullback position. Three players are in the mix. Ahmard Hall is clearly the man at the position. The other two guys will contend for a roster spot this year but I rate their chances of making the team at 50-50 at best. Let’s take a look at all three players.
Ahmard Hall:  He’s my favorite Titan. I have to say that I like him not only for his football skills but also for his service to our country. As a Vietnam vet, I appreciate the fact that he served combat tours of duty in Kosovo and Afghanistan, as a Marine sergeant who led 120 men into battle.
Don’t expect to see Hall get many carries this year – he’s a blocker who isn’t afraid to stick his face in there and hit linebackers and 300+ pound d-linemen. That’s his role and he’s extremely good at it. Hall is the best blocking FB the Titans have had since Lorenzo Neal. He’s also a reliable saftey valve for Kerry Collins. Hall had 13 catches for a 10.8 yard average and two touchdowns, which is a lot better than most of the Titans’ wide receivers. I’d like to see him featured more in the passing game this year. I firmly believe he can make a difference.

Ahmard still has two years left on his new contract so there are no short-term issues there.
Quinton Ganther: He’s a multi-purpose back, more of a running back than a fullback. If Q makes the team this year, it’s because he wins the #3 running back spot and because he has additional value as a backup fullback. I received an email two years ago from his college coach, who told me what a special, kind and decent human being Quinton was. Q is one of those guys who you want on your team. I just don’t know if he’ll make the final cut though. The proof will be in the pudding this summer in training camp.
Casey Cramer: As I wrote in an earlier article, I believe Cramer was re-signed by the Titans to be a special teams player. I do not believe Cramer will see much playing time, if any, at either fullback or tight end. And he’s a tweener – half fullback and half tight end, not that great at either, and more of a H-back. If Norm Chow was still here, Cramer would appeal to him as a F-back, in Norm’s terminology. But Cramer can play on all of the special teams, which is his primary value to the team.
What is your opinion on these players?