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Texans Tribune answers Total Titans’ questions about the Texans

Thanks to Mike Kerns of Texans Tribune, Bloguin’s new Houston Texans site, for joining us in this week’s question and answer exchange as the 2010 season heads into crunch time for the Titans.

Total Titans: Arian Foster seems to be having a great year for the Texans, maybe the best rushing performance the Texans have ever had.  Why is he doing so much better than Steve Slaton did, and how much of it is him and how much is the offensive line?
Texans Tribune: The thing about Foster is that he is only a mild surprise to most who saw him in College. He was a 1200 yard rusher in the SEC his junior season at Tennessee, he just had a terrible senior season due to a scheme and coaching change and had a case of fumblitis. I think the reason he has succeeded so much in this system is because he has incredible vision. That, and his ability to make the first guy miss every single time. The offensive line must get a good chunk of the credit as well as Vonta Leach at fullback who has been popping helmets all season to clear the way for Foster.

Total Titans: Looking at the numbers, it seems like Matt Schaub has been more inconsistent than he was last year. Is this right, and how has the Texans passing game performed compared to the past couple years?

Texans Tribune: A lot of Texans fans are down on Matt this season. His numbers are down from last year because Houston actually has a dominant running game now. Unlike last year where they were lucky to net 40 yards rushing in a game. But when the team has needed him to pick up the slack late in games and keep them in it, he has done so. The problem is that this defense has been so historically bad that Schaub has to play a near perfect game on offense to even have a chance at victory. If he puts up less than 24 points, the team has no shot.

Total Titans: The numbers for the Texans pass defense are awful, giving up over 300 yards a game.  Is it really that bad, and how optimistic are you they can handle Rusty Smith in his first NFL start?

Texans Tribune: I don’t think it’s that bad…I think it’s much, much worse. Personnel isn’t that great, as Kareem Jackson is having a nightmare of a rookie season. But I am one of those who believes that defensive coordinator Frank Bush’s scheme is simply setting them up to fail. They can’t defend a slant to save their lives and Frank has them play 6-8 yards off their guys to “prevent the big play.” Therefore, simply daring the opposing QB to beat you. Which is why middle of the pack quarterbacks like Matt Cassell and Mark Sanchez have had career games against Houston this season. Which is the reason why you’ve seen so much movement on the Fantasy front with people picking up Rusty Smith.

Total Titans: Andrew asks, “Prior to the events of last Sunday, how did fans in Houston view Vince Young? Was he still worshipped by many like he was five years ago? What has the fan reaction been in the last several days?

Texans Tribune: There are a lot of blind VY homers here, no doubt. But those people have brought out just as many anti-VY people in the city. It’s mostly just University of Texas fans who go nuts on the man love for Vince. They use stats as to why he’s the greatest and disregard games that the Titans lose. Let me give you an example. “Here is why VY is a better QB than Matt Schaub; In games played at 3:15 in the afternoon in an outdoor stadium with the wind blowing at 4.5 mph from the east and the precipitation at 10% and in the Blue jerseys VY has a QB rating of 111.5!” See what I mean? I’m not kidding either. So basically it isn’t hate for Vince, but hate for morons who say stuff like that. I don’t have anything against Vince personally, but I do think he needs to grow up and stop acting like an 11 year old. You’re not going to win against Jeff Fisher that way.

Total Titans: Is there anything about the Texans I didn’t ask about that you want Titans fans to know?

Texans Tribune: Basically, if you’re within 7 of the Texans with four minutes left in the game, you’re going to win. It’s like clockwork.

Total Titans: Finally, if you want to make a score prediction, please feel free.

Texans Tribune: I say 27-17 Titans.

Thanks again to Mike for participating in this week’s Q&A exchange, and be sure to check out Texans Tribune for my answers to his questions and more coverage of the Texans.