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The 2012 Titans didn’t fare well against top teams

Starting this weekend, the 12 best teams in the NFL will participate in postseason play while the Tennessee Titans and 19 other teams will watch their superiors perform.

It should be no surprise to anyone who watched the Titans this past season to learn the Titans did not fare well playing against those teams.  Overall, the Titans did not fare well at all, but they were especially outclassed, and usually embarrassed, by the teams they faced who went on to postseason competition.

When you evaluate a team by how well they fared against the best competition they faced, the Titans came up woefully short in the measurements.  These are some stark realities.

The Titans were 0-7 against playoff teams in 2012.
The Titans were outscored by those teams 227 to 87.
The Titans' offense averaged just 12 points per game against those teams.
The Titans' defense allowed an average of 32 points per game to those teams.
The average margin in those games was minus 20 points.
At least the Titans can say, "We're only three touchdowns a game away from being a good team."