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The Titans have some positive things to build upon

The Tennessee Titans will have a mostly unexpected 3-2 record going into their bye week, and while there are some areas which need a lot of improvement, there have been some good performances too.

Rather than dwell on the negatives at this time, I’d prefer to focus on the positive things the Titans can build upon in the next two weeks.

The acquisition of Matt Hasselbeck was serendipitous and his performance his been much better than anticipated.

The offensive line has done an overall good job in pass protection, usually giving Hasselbeck time to find his receivers.  Since this article is looking at positive things, I won’t mention the run blocking.

Chris Johnson had a 21-yard run on Sunday and scored his first touchdown of the year.  Maybe he’s getting on track.

Jared Cook is finally starting to emerge as a playmaker.  I’d love to see him continue to be targeted downfield.

Nate Washington is off to his best start since becoming a Titan.

Damian Williams has two touchdowns in as many weeks.

Cortland Finnegan has been playing hard.  He may be in a contract year, but he seems like the type of player who will generally give maximum effort.  He didn’t let up after the Titans were down a couple of touches to the Stillers and he’s setting a good example for the younger players to emulate.

Will Witherspoon has been playing well.  His performance in the Week Four win over the Browns was the type of game I envisioned when the Titans picked him up a year ago.

The run defense was generally good from Weeks Two through Four.  I thought the absence of Jason Jones and Derrick Morgan had a lot to do with the poor performance in the season opener and the run defense did indeed improve upon their return to the lineup.  That impression may have been due to something else though, since they were out there in the embarrassing outing against the Stillers.

Except for the loss of Kenny Britt, the Titans have been healthy and injuries have been minimal.

Unless I’m overlooking something, there’s not anything else I’ve seen which makes me feel good about this team.  What about you?  Is there anything else you’ve seen that encourages you?