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The Titans’ postseason probability is 19%

So now that the Titans have lost to the Saints and fallen to a record of 7-6, can they still make the playoffs?

It’s possible, but not probable.

The folks at PlayoffStatus.com say the probability of the Titans getting into the playoffs is only 19%. There’s an 81% probability they won’t be in the playoffs.

The Jets control their own future.  If they win out, they will earn a postseason berth with (probably) the number six seed.

On the other hand, the Titans are in if they win out and the Jets lose a game.  If neither team wins out, the Bengals, Raiders and Chargers are still alive.

AFC Wildcard Picture
Team Record Remaining Schedule
 5. Steelers 10-3 @ SF, vs STL, @ CL
 6. Jets  8-5 @ PHI, vs NYG, @ MIA
 7. Titans  7-6 @ IND, vs JAC, @ HOU
 8. Bengals  7-6 @ STL, vs ARI, vs BAL
 9. Raiders  7-6 vs DET, @ KC, vs SD
10. Chargers  6-7 vs BAL, @ DET, @ OAK

If you’re looking for something encouraging, Jets blogger Richard Langford says the Jets aren’t good enough to win out and claim the final wildcard spot.  He believes the Titans will take it.

I’m not so sure.  Beating the Texans at their place will be a tough nut to crack.  The Texans ran all over the Titans in Nashville, pounding them 41-7.  I’m not as confident as Langford is that the Texans, in his words, “will rest their best players and will lose to the Titans.”

In my opinion, the Tennessee Titans aren’t good enough to run with the big dogs.  The Texans are now running with the big dogs while the Titans are watching the pack from the rear.  The Titans are at best a mediocre team and their record is reflective of that.

The Titans have played 7 teams with winning records and are only 2-5 against them.  Both of those wins were at home, meaning they haven’t won on the road against a team with a winning record.

I think it’s important to note that.  The Titans haven’t won on the road this year against a team with a winning record.  If by some chance, the Titans make it into the postseason, they’ll have a road game, probably at New England, so it’ll more than likely be one and done.

Here’s how Tennessee fared against teams with winning records.  The Titans upset the Ratbirds and beat the Tebow-less Broncos, both at home, while losing to the Texans, Bengals and Saints at home and losing to the Steelers and Falcons on the road.

So how have the Titans done against the weak sisters, the teams with losing records?  They’re 5-1, beating the Browns, Colts, Panthers, Bucs and Bills, while losing to the Jaguars.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see the Titans win out, get a little help, and make the playoffs.  However, I’m not confident they’ll get there and they haven’t shown they’re good enough to do much even if they do get there.

How do you think the Titans will fare?  We’ve got a new poll up in the right sidebar, asking you to predict their final record.  Thanks for voting and for sharing your thoughts in the comments section.