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The fair catch rule

Yesterday saw my annual “pilgrimage” to LP Field for a Titans home game.  I have a couple pages of notes, but I’m still too angry to write anything useful about the game.  I will however, post the text of Rule 10-2-3 of the current NFL Rulebook:

Item 3: Muff. After a valid fair catch signal, the opportunity to catch a kick does not end if the ball is muffed. The player who signaled for a fair catch must have a reasonable opportunity to catch the muffed ball before it hits the ground without interference by members of the kicking team, and regardless of whether the ball strikes another player or an official.

So, disconcerting though it may seem, and as much as I yelled about the decision at the time, the refs did indeed get that call right.  Bad luck for the Titans, and too bad for Jason McCourty, who otherwise would deserve a great deal of credit for a heads-up play.