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The Titans are getting thin on the defensive line

Now that Albert Haynesworth and Kyle Vanden Bosch will miss the rest of the regular season, the Titans are getting thin (pardon the pun) on the defensive line. When you factor in the four-game suspension Kevin Vickerson is serving, the depth is really thin at defensive tackle.
Tony Brown and Jason Jones are the only two DTs that are still available. Defensive end Dave Ball filled in some at DT in the Baltimore game, so he could possibly see some time in the DT rotation. The problem with that is it robs Peter to pay Paul, leaving Tennessee’s depth thin at the DE position.

Here’s how it looks now. DE — Kearse, Ball, Ford and Hayes. DT — Brown and Jones. That’s only six guys for the D-line, with three each at tackle and end if you move Ball inside.
I expect the Titans to promote DT Amon Gordon from the practice squad to the active roster. I don’t know anything about him, except that he started four games for the Broncos last year, then played one game with the Ravens. The Titans are his fourth team in four years in the league.
Has anybody seen him play? Know anything about him?
I’ve emailed a Broncos blogger to ask about him and I will post his response when I get it.
The Titans screwed up when they didn’t promote DT Mookie Johnson to the 53-man roster when Vickerson was suspended. Just my opinion. Watching Johnson and Vickerson in training camp, I thought they were about equal.
But instead of putting Johnson on the active roster, they took Cary Williams. They could have taken Johnson too, releasing either Paul Williams or Chris Davis. Instead, Johnson was then signed by the Colts. Oh, well.
It will be hard to beat the Steelers and Colts without AH and KVB. The good news is the worst that happens is a 12-4 record, a number two seed and a first-round bye in the playoffs.