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The Titans’ free agent situation is becoming clearer

We now know the situation with three of the top four Titans for whom free agency is pending. Rob Bironas has agreed to terms on signed a four-year contract, Bo Scaife has received the franchise tag and Albert Haynesworth has announced he will explore possibilities in the free agent market.
That leaves Kerry Collins as the top priority for the Titans before February 27 and I’d be very surprised if the Titans aren’t able to re-sign him. I doubt if it would take more than $12 to $15M over three years and the Titans can’t afford not to pay that.
Collins is in a great situation here in Tennessee. He said he wants to be back and Jeff Fisher said he wants Collins to be here as well. Yeah, I know that both players and teams sometimes say one thing for public consumption but actually feel otherwise. I doubt if that’s the case here, I believe both of them really mean it.

Collins has also said that he would retire rather than being a backup again and I fully believe that too. He’s made plenty of money during his 14 years in the league and has plenty to keep him busy after his football career is over. He has a cattle ranch in North Carolina and has just formed a music publishing company in Nashville. He has obviously prepared for his life after football.
I feel pretty confident that if the Titans are willing to overspend by franchising Scaife, then they should be equally willing to pay Collins enough to re-sign.
It would surprise me though if it happens soon. A deal probably won’t be done until time has just about run out, as we saw with the Scaife and Bironas situations.
What is your feeling about the probability of re-signing Collins?