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The Titans need to continue being active in free agency
The Titans have no discernable holes in their starting lineup. You can pencil in a starter at every position.
So why do the Titans need to continue signing free agents? It’s a matter of simple math, really. The Titans need more players than they have draft picks available and I doubt if Tennessee will be granted any compensatory picks.
As it stands now, the Titans have only six selections for this April’s draft. By my count, quite a few more players are needed to round out the roster.

 CB: 2 or 3
 LB: 1 or 2
 DT: 0 or 1
 OL: 1 or 2
 WR 2 or 3
 QB: 0 or 1
 RB: 0 or 1
 PR: 0 or 1  
 S/T 6 to 14
Here’s how I arrived at those numbers.
CB: The Titans normally carry five or six corners and they currently have three — Cortland Finnegan, Nick Harper and Cary Williams. Harper is getting old and will need to be replaced in a year or two.
LB: Keith Bulluck and David Thornton are also getting older and the quality of the depth could use an upgrade.
DT: Nobody can replace Albert Haynesworth, but the Titans will try with four guys who will rotate frequently at the two DT spots. An upgrade over Kevin Vickerson is a possibility.
OL: Another guard is needed. Is Michael Otto capable of filling in for Daniel Loper at tackle?
WR: Although Mike Heimerdinger will give the bulk of the playing time to his best two or three wideouts, the Titans will probably carry five. They currently have 2½ in Justin Gage, Nate Washington and Lavelle Hawkins.
QB: A free agent to compete with Vince Young for the backup spot is a strong possibility. Or a late draft pick could be used to groom a potential replacement for Young or take over as the #2 after Kerry Collins retires.
RB: The Titans don’t appear to be real happy with LenDale White or Chris Henry. Will Rafael Little make the team?
PR/KR: The Titans are going to miss Chris Carr if he signs elsewhere but they’re still hoping they can re-sign him.
What are your thoughts on how the Titans replenish their depth?