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The Tennessee Titans select G Ryan Durand in 7th round

With their first pick in the seventh round, the Tennessee Titans selected Syracuse guard Ryan Durand.

Durand, who isn’t much of an athlete but is strong as an oxe, provides the team with another body at the guard position.

According to his scouting report, Durand fits the profile of the type of offensive lineman that you typically see selected in the draft’s final round. He has NFL size but due to his lack of athletic ability, he was still available when pick #239 rolled around.

Of course, because he was drafted by the Titans, he will have the privilege of honing his craft under the tutelage of exceptional offensive line coach Mike Munchak. If anyone can get the most out of a seventh round offensive linemen, good ole’ Munch can.

What are your thoughts on the Titans’ first seventh-round pick?